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The car comes out of nowhere and upon impact metal crushes quickly and easily, like tin foil wadding up in the palm of a hand. In what seems like a millisecond your life may be changed permanently.

In this country every year, accidents involving motor vehicles account for over three million deaths or injuries, and the causes are morbidly familiar: alcohol, mechanical failure, road conditions, sleepiness. Many of the serious accidents leave behind individual legacies of permanent physical damage.

But there is an increasing range of injury due to "minor" traffic accidents that impair, disable, and generally bring undeserved pain to millions of Americans. Even if many of these "minor injuries" do not require hospitalization, they do require immediate attention, and frequently, repeated treatments of one kind or another.

Dont' be a Crash Test Dummy!

No one enjoys having to deal with such hassles. However, you will cope more easily with the urgency of an accident situation if you understand the types of injuries commonly sustained and the role our doctors play in healing the whole person.

At Premier Miller we provide a high quality team of licensed and competent health care professionals. Our physicians are genuinely interested in maximizing not only your physical recovery, but your emotional recovery as well, through a good level of communication providing detailed informaton about your injuries. Our physicians and nurse practitioners have many years of training and experience in dealing with a wide range of trauma-related injuries.

The physician's role is to deliver safe, high quality medical care with convenience and efficiency; conduct a prompt and detailed history and physical examination to determine the extent of injuries; and prescribe treatment regimens to speed up the healing process.

We offer a full service diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of injured patients where the physician works as part of an interdisciplinary team of health professionals, including nurse practitioners, massage therapists, and chiropractors with a physican serving as on-site medical director.

Approprate diagnostic studies, including X-rays, MRI/CT scans, nerve studies, and soft tissue studies, are conducted along with a comprehensive physical examination to determine the extent of injuries and rule out any serious underlying condition. Pain management to control or relieve pain and rehabilitation for recovery may be prescribed. Patients may also receive timely and appropriate referrals to top orthopaedic, spine, and neurosurgeons, who work closely with us. If surgical interventions are needed, they are part of the superior quality and cost effectie health care services we offer.


"From the Beginning to the end all of the Premier Miller staff made me feel very comfortable after my accident. I would not hesitate to recommend your facilities to anyone." -Lakesha Jordan


"I have recently had treatment at your facility. I would like to thank all of your staff for their professionalism." -Rodrigues Miguel


"All of your staff was so warm and courteous. My attorney was so impressed with the documentation provided by your office for my case." -Victoria Nathen






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